• In-Car Tablet Install (Part 1)

    In-Car Tablet Install (Part 1)


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    Today, the newest cars in the market ship with their own touch screen where you can visualize radio, navigation, etc. At the time, my car didn’t came with any of that. So I set out in a quest of adding a screen to it, but not just any screen, I wanted a tablet, and the…

  • Cruise Control Mod (Mazda 6 2006)

    Cruise Control Mod (Mazda 6 2006)



    It appears that cruise control is a standard feature in many cars right off the assembly line. Unfortunately, my car was an exception. Undeterred, I embarked on a quest to install it myself.

  • Hello World!

    I’ve been modding stuff since I was just a kid, taking stuff apart around the house to learn how it worked, putting it back together to make it better.  That curiosity let me to get interested in electronics. I then took industrial electronics classes when I was on High School, letting me get a VET degree. But then…