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Recently I was asked to repair an iPad mini with a cracked front assembly, most commonly known as digitizer. I ordered the part from iFixit which has a great selection of replacement parts for everything Apple, and more recently items from other brands like Samsung. They include parts for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles as well.

This site includes great guides, very detailed descriptions on what to do to replace the part you need. It will be best to follow one of those instead of following my pictures, I just want to point out that they work and its not as hard as you might think. Here is the link to the guides mainpage.

Lets get fixing…


Tools needed

You will be using:

All of the tools can be acquired as a kit with the purchase of your replacement part if you order from iFixit.

Additionally I felt that it would be quicker if I just used a heat gun instead of the included “iOpener”, but its not necessary if you are patient. I also deemed necessary the use of tweezers for small object manipulation.







2 responses to “iPad Mini Repair”

  1. Tim Macrina Avatar
    Tim Macrina

    Difficulty on a scale of 1-10?

    1. Alejandro Mora™ Avatar
      Alejandro Mora™

      It definitely requires a lot patience, I would say an 8.

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